Alan Newman

Founder and Managing Director

Alan is our founder, strategic thinker, innovator & business leader. He has around thirty years experience in data analysis, banking & internet tech.

Alan is a person who really enjoy building teams and taking people on a journey. He is always excited by joining up unusual ideas and creating business opportunities using technology and innovation. His particular interest in international trade and social sustainability lead him to establish Sensible in 2012 and start creating different business platforms to help clients to access specific markets. His interest to help producers to be recognised for their had work, motivated him to develop Sensible Coffee as a platform to help farmers to find markets, negotiate and elevate the prices of their crops.

He sees failure as an opportunity to learn and keep experimenting, and he is always developing spaces where innovation can occur. He knows there is not a single approach to a problem as well as there being multiple solutions for an issue. This visionary way of thinking means he takes responsibility for the failures and tries again with another solution.

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