Sensible Coffee

Producer: Masha Coffee
Country: Uganda
Auction: Best of the Pearl 2021


Before the auction not many people knew that Masha Coffee were producing specialty coffee. This means they didn’t really have good reliable access to the market. Our auction platform helped them to sell their SL14 Honey scoring 84.42 for $4.00/lb to a buyer in Hong Kong. After the auction, and thanks to the market exposure, Masha Holdings was contacted by different buyers in Germany, Japan and Spain. In the words of Masha, “the auction process allow us to get a better price to negotiate for the quality of our coffee, the auction process was a benchmark.”

Visit: Best of The Pearl

Sensible Giving

Client: Home Depot USA
Country: USA
Type of Auction: Podium (multiple winners)


We have provided our platform for a series of auctions for the last 5 years. We have a developed a type of auction that produces a high impact for the beneficiaries of the Home Depot Foundation

By enabling many high net worth individuals to bid for time with the management team of Home Depot; we are able to deliver an auction of very high value, over only a few days.

With the exciting ‘final hour’, the team at the foundation are able to see auctions regularly raising over $1m.

Sensible Auction

Client: Plaatsjebod
Country: Netherlands
Type of auction: Asset management and Retail


Plaatsjebod wanted to be able to address a gap in the market in the Benelux. Our platform forms the backbone of their solution for insolvency administrators and trustees. They provide inventory valuation, safeguarding, and an auction platform for all assets from insolvent companies.

Plaatsjebod operates as an appraiser for companie wishing to create liquidity on their balance sheets when the need arises. They help them liquidate assets and business units to free up capital for the business to continue to operate.