Our model can adapt to other soft commodities.

There are big tech opportunities in supply chain and fintech we think will enhance social sustainability.

Specialty Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and more!

Currently, we are working on Specialty Coffee and Tea, and we are looking to expand to new commodities and markets.


We work directly with producer and associations to ensure we know where the coffees comes from. We provide a more efficient supply chain, which means buyers can access commitiies in a more direct way..

Smart Contracts, Automated Payments, Unbanked Farmers:

Credit access for farmers in developing countries remains low, our system provides an opportunity for small farmers to connect with international buyers and improve the balance of their sales mix. This means they are able to make more choices when deciding how they distribute and sell their crops.

Efficient transactions with minimum risk:

We provide buyers with the support they need to buy and ship coffee from different locations around the world:

International payments

We manage the payment process and act as an intermediary buyer giving you the reassurance that your money is secure.


Where we or our platform transact the trade, we offer full insurance on all goods shipped via both air and sea. Provide buyers with reassurance they are in safe hands.

Setting up a contract

We bear the responsibility of raising the sales contracts for both buyer and sellers meaning we can manage the sale on your behalf.

Recognising difficulties in the supply chain and offering solutions

We can do this because we have been developing a wide network of trusted logistical & shipping partners.

This means we are able to help buyers not only discover new and interesting coffees, but also to import them safely and fully insured. We can also help with freight forwarding and POA on the ground once it arrives at port.

Air Freight

For smaller purchases we work with our trusted agents to send the coffee directly to your door.

Sea freight

For larger purchases, and also when we have multiple buyers from the same country, we can provide you with cost effective means of receiving your chosen coffees.

Consolidation options

Depending on the location of buyers taking part in an auction, we can offer consolidation options. This allows means buyers based in the same country can ship their coffees together and benefit from cheaper importing costs.

Through quality assurance, we develop trust and relationships.

We use our expertise to create direct routes to market for producers and generate more value for their commodities. Our goal is to use our platform to help develop sustainable and repeatable trade.


We develop relationships with producers all over the world. We take pride in have helped farmers to bring some of the most amazing and rare origins to the international market.

High Quality

Our in-house Q Graders are always working to maintain quality and consistency among our platforms and products.


We provide cupping results, quality reports and detailed information on all our processes.

High quality & consistent marketing is vital to a successful and sustainable auction

One the most effective ways of improving the reach of your auction is through engaging and well communicated marketing, our experienced team can help you with just that.

Impactful Branding

We want your auction to stand out and the attract attention of the buyers. We will put together a professional and effective campaign encapsulating the values and aims of your organsiation.

Clear Message

We will help you communicate your message, clearly promoting exactly who you are, your company aims in a way that’ll engage and resonate with buyers.

Targeted Audience

Utilising our years of experience in this industry; We will plan, create and develop marketing campaigns that target your ideal audience.