Podium auctions

We will help you get your coffee safely, make sure your payments reach the farmers and ensure your contracts are all agreed.


Looking to raise funds for your corporate foundation? We have a unique platform to help you maximise your fundraising.

Promotion & Marketing

We have a strong datasbase or buyers and targetted social media channels.

Tea Auctions

We are working with partners to develop access to tea buyers through our platform.

Coffee Marketplace

We are developing tools to help farmers connect our buyers, helping them understand demand cycles.

Coffee Auctions

We are leaders in coffee auctions, helping many producers access international buyers.

Samples Set Design

We can help you make a positive impression on buyers through well thought out and desirable packaging for your auction sample set. This is one of the first touch points of the quality of your products. So why not make it a good one?

Social Media

We have cultivated a large social media presence and this will be used to promote your auction. We will raise your profile by conveying your story and values to our audience.

Email Marketing

Through our extensive contact database, we build effective campaigns to convey your values and produce to our audience to build a wide variety of potential customers.


We ensure each item has been evaluated by a professional before being available on our platform. This may be through our in house team, or through a panel of experts.