Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Logistics and Shipping is hard! It is time consuming, complex and frustrating. We help our buyers obtain what they have bought through our platform. This means our buyers can concentrate on what is important to them. This means you can access the coffee and other commodities through out plarforms without having to understand logistics and shipping.

We can ship your coffee by air or sea freight depending upon the volume you buy. We will also consolidate multiple purchases from different buyers all going to the same destination, to make the cost of shipping affordable for your business.

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We feel producers and farmers deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. So we offer support across a number of logistical services. Each of these will be discussed with you in depth before you agree to go ahead!

Recognising difficulties in the supply chain and offering solutions

We can do this because we have been developing a wide network of trusted logistical & shipping partners.

This means we are able to help buyers not only discover new and interesting coffees, but also to import them safely and fully insured. We can also help with freight forwarding and POA on the ground once it arrives at port.

Air Freight

For smaller purchases we work with our trusted agents to send the coffee directly to your door.

Sea freight

For larger purchases, and also when we have multiple buyers from the same country, we can provide you with cost effective means of receiving your chosen coffees.

Consolidation options

Depending on the location of buyers taking part in an auction, we can offer consolidation options. This allows means buyers based in the same country can ship their coffees together and benefit from cheaper importing costs.

Alan Newman
Managing Director

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