Sales, Payments and Contracting

Sales, Payments and Contracting

There are many times when buyers are unsure about making payments to producers. They may not have confidence their payments will reach the farmer. We background check the producers we work with and ensure payments are made securely and safely. This provides buyers with reassurance their payment will be made securely and land in the right hands.

The value we add to the transaction means we not only raise the invoices, but we also are in control of raising the sales contracts required when trading the coffee. This means we manage the sale on your behalf, minimise your risk and leave you to do what you do best.

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We simplify the supply chain for you. This means you can concentrate on using our platform to source new and interesting coffees. Leaving you to do what you do best.

Efficient transactions with minimum risk:

We provide buyers with the support they need to buy and ship coffee from different locations around the world:

International payments

We manage the payment process and act as an intermediary buyer giving you the reassurance that your money is secure.


Where we or our platform transact the trade, we offer full insurance on all goods shipped via both air and sea. Provide buyers with reassurance they are in safe hands.

Setting up a contract

We bear the responsibility of raising the sales contracts for both buyer and sellers meaning we can manage the sale on your behalf.

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Managing Director

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