Quality Assurance & Curation

Quality Assurance & Curation

Our interest is to bring the best coffees to market for our buyers. To help producers understand they will be rewarded for investing in quality. We collaborate with producers, QGraders and independent consultants to ensure the coffee selected for each auction is the best available.

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Here's Exactly What You Get From Our Services:

Auction curation

We will advise on the best means of curation for each auction. We can advise on the number of lots in each sale, opening prices and presentation to our buyers.

Quality Control

We can advise on the the quality of product, help with selection panels or provide assistance through partner consultancies.


We ensure each item has been evaluated by a professional before being available on our platform. This may be through our in house team, or through a panel of experts.

Through quality assurance, we develop trust and relationships.

We use our expertise to create direct routes to market for producers and generate more value for their commodities. Our goal is to use our platform to help develop sustainable and repeatable trade.


We develop relationships with producers all over the world. We take pride in have helped farmers to bring some of the most amazing and rare origins to the international market.

High Quality

Our in-house Q Graders are always working to maintain quality and consistency among our platforms and products.


We provide cupping results, quality reports and detailed information on all our processes.

Nicolas Pastellopoulos
Head of Coffee

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