Auction & Product Consultancy

Auction & Product Consultancy

We provide a full consultancy to guide you through our services. Over these 10 years, we have helped different clients to access the right markets. We also provide detailed analytics features to find out specific market information.

Speak to us about your requirements and we’ll recommend the next steps for achieving your goals.

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Coffee Auctions

We are leaders in coffee auctions, helping many producers access international buyers.

Coffee Marketplace

We are developing tools to help farmers connect our buyers, helping them understand demand cycles.

Tea Auctions

We are working with partners to develop access to tea buyers through our platform.

Promotion & Marketing

We have a strong datasbase or buyers and targetted social media channels.


Looking to raise funds for your corporate foundation? We have a unique platform to help you maximise your fundraising.

Podium auctions

We will help you get your coffee safely, make sure your payments reach the farmers and ensure your contracts are all agreed.

Our model can adapt to other soft commodities.

There are big tech opportunities in supply chain and fintech we think will enhance social sustainability.

Specialty Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and more!

Currently, we are working on Specialty Coffee and Tea, and we are looking to expand to new commodities and markets.


We work directly with producer and associations to ensure we know where the coffees comes from. We provide a more efficient supply chain, which means buyers can access commitiies in a more direct way..

Smart Contracts, Automated Payments, Unbanked Farmers:

Credit access for farmers in developing countries remains low, our system provides an opportunity for small farmers to connect with international buyers and improve the balance of their sales mix. This means they are able to make more choices when deciding how they distribute and sell their crops.

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