We do Trade Facilitation

Our services help farmers around the world to access international markets while our platforms facilitate discovery and connection throughout the coffee chain. This allow producers and buyers to trade green coffee with confidence.

Through our platform we:

  • Help farmers generate sustainable incomes through premium prices by reversing the supply chain dynamic.
  • We create direct trade and relationships generating repeat business.
  • Offer farmers fair opportunities in the global coffee market.
  • Develop tools to help stakeholders trade and manage their different commodities

How we do it?

We use our knowledge and expertize to provide marketplace services...

Contract, Payments & Logistics

Contract, Payments & Logistics

Once the auction finishes, we contract, collect payments & ship the coffee to the buyers

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

We promote each auction to our database of 2,000 buyers around the world

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Coffee is evaluated by our in-house Q Graders and scheduled for auction

Connect with farmers

Connect with farmers

We invite farmers to submit coffee samples to us

What we have achieved?

  • Market Access:

    How do farmers access international markets?

  • Fair Prices:

    How do farmers earn sustainable incomes for their crops?

  • Financial Services Access:

    How do farmers ensure they will get paid?

  • Discovery and Relationships:

    How do buyers access new and interesting coffees outside their local importers?

Our Successful stories

We use our knowledge and expertize to provide marketplace services...

Sensible Coffee

Producer: Masha Coffee
Country: Uganda
Auction: Best of the Pearl 2021


Before the auction not many people knew that Masha Coffee were producing specialty coffee. This means they didn’t really have good reliable access to the market. Our auction platform helped them to sell their SL14 Honey scoring 84.42 for $4.00/lb to a buyer in Hong Kong. After the auction, and thanks to the market exposure, Masha Holdings was contacted by different buyers in Germany, Japan and Spain. In the words of Masha, “the auction process allow us to get a better price to negotiate for the quality of our coffee, the auction process was a benchmark.”

Visit: Best of The Pearl

Coffee 01

Sensible Giving

Client: Home Depot USA
Country: USA
Type of Auction: Podium (multiple winners)


We have provided our platform for a series of auctions for the last 5 years. We have a developed a type of auction that produces a high impact for the beneficiaries of the Home Depot Foundation

By enabling many high net worth individuals to bid for time with the management team of Home Depot; we are able to deliver an auction of very high value, over only a few days.

With the exciting ‘final hour’, the team at the foundation are able to see auctions regularly raising over $1m.

Fundraising 02

Sensible Auction

Client: Plaatsjebod
Country: Netherlands
Type of auction: Asset management and Retail


Plaatsjebod wanted to be able to address a gap in the market in the Benelux. Our platform forms the backbone of their solution for insolvency administrators and trustees. They provide inventory valuation, safeguarding, and an auction platform for all assets from insolvent companies.

Plaatsjebod operates as an appraiser for companie wishing to create liquidity on their balance sheets when the need arises. They help them liquidate assets and business units to free up capital for the business to continue to operate.

Retail Auctions 03

Check our complementary services

We provide a wide range of complementary services to help your production, reach new customers and optimise the sales from your crops.

Quality Assurance & Curation

Quality Assurance & Curation

Our interest is to bring the best coffees to market for our buyers.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing & Advertising

We are specialists in developing connections and relationships with buyers.

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Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Logistics and Shipping is hard! It is time consuming, complex and frustrating.

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Sales, Payments and Contracting

Sales, Payments and Contracting

There are many times when buyers are unsure about making payments to producers.

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Auction & Product Consultancy

Auction & Product Consultancy

We provide a full consultancy to guide you through our services.

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Why an Auction?

Auctions Create a Competitive Buying Process.

Through time limited opportunities to buy

What we have achieved with Coffee Auctions?

For decades low prices have created obstacles to the sustainability of the coffee industry. Today’s fast-changing world only adds to these challenges.

Auctions are a great way to help navigate this for both producers and buyers. Connecting producers with a global market and finding the most appropriate buyer for their coffee adds value at both ends of the supply chain, builds mutually beneficial relationships and helps mitigate market fluctuation.


Auctions allow users to sell, buy and discover coffee from anywhere in the world without the need to travel and in real time.


Provide a means for farmers and producers to create socially sustainable income for their crops.

Connection & Value

Between sellers and buyers finding the most appropriate buyer for each coffee and developing long term relations.

Fair and Accurate Pricing

Created through the common value of cup score and private values of the individual

In Summary:

We are innovative and disruptive

Through the auctions and our services we are looking for ways to optimise and simplify the supply chain.

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