Connect you with new buyers

  • Learn how we can connect you to buyers all over the world

Provide you with access to new markets

  • Is there a part of the world you want to access? We can help you find buyers in those markets.

Understand what your buyers want.

  • We can help you target and understand the right buyers for your products.

Make use of our tools and platforms.

  • We can help you manage trades, contract with buyer and collect payments. We are also developing tools to you match your harvest to annual contracts


Auctions allow users to sell, buy and discover coffee from anywhere in the world without the need to travel and in real time.


Provide a means for farmers and producers to create socially sustainable income for their crops.

Connection & Value

Between sellers and buyers finding the most appropriate buyer for each coffee and developing long term relations.

Fair and Accurate Pricing

Created through the common value of cup score and private values of the individual

Providing the platform and the expertise

We provide the platform to connect, promote the sale of your coffee, tea and commodities for you.

Market Access and Data Analysis

We work with a database of buyers and buyer segments to introduce you and your products to them.